Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 2

Day 2 -
We were up by 7:15 and had a breakfast buffet. We started driving toward the Rock of Cachel. It was a beautiful drive all though most of us were sleeping. We got to the Cachel and the town was small but so cute, it's so old too. The Rock of Cashel had a lot of graves-- sad but beautiful.

We rode to the second hotel called Trident Hotel. It was better than the first hotel in my opinion. At about 6pm we went to dinner at a restaurant called Pier One. Then at 8pm we took a walk to a pub called The Tap Tavern. We took a ghost tour but there were no ghosts.

Then we took a walk on the wild side. All the grownups,(everyone but Augie and I) got drunk at the local pubs. Or, as they say in Kinsale, "Had a craic". Then by 1am everyone was back at the hotel sound asleep. Well, not everyone. Some continued partying until 4 am. It is St Patty's Day after all.
Written by:Lily Freeman

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