Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oscar Wilde, Molly Malone, and another rainy day in dublin

Another afternoon in Dublin.


After our tour of Clonmacnoise, we returned to Dublin for Saturday's return flights for most of our tour group members.  Paddy dropped us off for a few hours outside of Trinity College while he took the luggage to the hotel.


Everyone slipped off in different directions.  Some to eat again, some went to the Trinity College to see the book of Kells. Others to get in last minute shopping.  I opted for the "book" and headed for the library.


Since it was Good Friday, the line wasn't very long, and there was only a few minute wait for entry. Folr a holiday, it still was pretty active.


The book is an illuminated manuscript of the four gospels handmade in AD 800 for the Kells monastery. It had an interesting history, surviving many raids and looting expeditions perpetrated on the Monastery, before winding up in the custody of Trinity College for protection. It is considered one of the greatest treasures of Ireland, and would easily qualify as one of the great treasures of the world.


The exhibit consists of explanatory posters, and enlarged copies of various pages. There's a display on vellum making and hand bookbinding. The book itself is on display beneath glass, with four pages open for viewing.  Studying the intricacy of the writing and illustrations are well worth the visit. 


Since Molly Malone is just around the corner, I headed out to try to get better pictures, the first set from our first day were a bit rained out.  Of course it had to rain.  Out came the umbrella, but fortunately, the rain let up in about 10 minutes.  Got the pictures, and hiked over to Oscar Wilde's house.


I can resist anything but temptation --Oscar Wilde


Dublin is the home of the home where Oscar Wilde grew up.  The city has honored him by putting up a statue in his honor.  It's an interesting lifelike statute made up of colored minerals. Superb job, you expect him to stand up.


The house is across the street from the park where his statue rests.



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