Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 3

Day Three:
A beautiful morning in Kinsale with our guide Paddy. Good weather at the Trident Hotel on the harbor was fortunate for a city walking tour.

Early morning rise to birthday wishes. We had a full Irish breakfast including cards, gifts, and well wishes. After being fully outfitted in a huge Irish hat, green boa, green beads, and a sipping cup, of course I was wished good luck and birthday wishes all day.
We went on a walking tour of the harbor area, city center, and learned all about the history of this seaside port. Our guide Don Herlihy was a wealth of information.

All again boarded the bus to nurture hangovers, or view the scenery on the way to Blarney Castle. All hearty passengers climbed the 126 steps to the top of the castle to kiss the blarney stone. The narrow passage way would have kept a few from scaling the castle....but those that made it were much more eloquent with their birthday wishes into the night. We had a hearty lunch at Christies next to the Woolen Mills where we all made many purchases. Another short ride to Killarney and the Arbutus Hotel that welcomed us with High Tea, scones, clotted cream, and fresh baked breads.

Rest up, shower, and prepare for St. Pat's Day parade, Guinness and walk about town. Back to dinner, a party with cake (Spider Man Cake), and drinks and music in the local pubs. Murphy's Pub won the James Joyce Award for most authentic Irish pub. I believe that means they have the best food, liquor, and scenery. We were supposed to meet Mo, Lily, and Robyn but they ditched us.

By Mary Ann Mari

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